Thursday, August 28, 2008


I have a bunch of posters in the works right now. Here's the latest, for two rad bands NEPTUNE, and THESE ARE POWERS. They asked me to help commmemorate their shows together. GO SEE THEM IN YR TOWN...cuz they aren't coming to mine (XUCK).
This design will be tweeeked a bit and turned into an art print for my print residency at this print center here in town. Poster is a 3 color silkscreen 16.5'' X 21'' on white paper. art print will be bigger. FUNNN!

This one's a teeny bit older, but it's also a poster, that will end up being slightly modified and enlarged to become an art print. It's a print for my band GAY BEAST's show with HEALTH and ICY DEMONS a little while ago at the St. Entry. Happy with all the color overprints and am still on this kick of printing black underneath all the rest of the colors. FUNNNN! and the possibilities are endless.

For the art print, i will remove the text at the bottom, and tweak the colors a bit. will post later!