Thursday, May 27, 2010


Here's the poster I made for heliotrope. come to the show and get one!

18'' X 24'' on offwhite stock.

Thank you to Christopher Jensen for getting me in the Star Tribune today.
It's a really nice article.


Friday, May 21, 2010


I made this super quick print yesterday for two competing shows that are right next to each other.

Pegasus is the monthly queer party that I help organize. It is continually amazing, and I am always so surprised at the level of interest and talent that all the performers bring. Fucked up drag, good music, and one of the cosiest places to hang.

Pegasus: "Spring Fever" feat. the velveteens (they play beats on a typewriter), Lambs of God (boombox, vocals about catholic guilt), DJ's Gay Pain (that's me) and Tell it to my Heart.
Saturday May 22nd, 10pm Bedlam Theatre.

this is going right up against this other really rad show

Trin Tran, the one man wonderkind from madison. so amazing and bonkers.
Piles, members of numbers. synth garage rock
Larry Wish, who has a great tape on moon glyph, my fave new label
Cities of the Plain
....and maybe Seated Heat, sho from mute era's new band

Both events are $5
If you go to both shows, I will GIVE you a poster.

12'' X 15'' 2 color screenprint. I had a blast wheatpasting them around town.
$5 and they yurrs

Tuesday, May 11, 2010



so, it's still under some construction, but I wanted to give you guys a heads up.
slowly...probably w/in a month I'll be shifting everything over to my website, which has a blog attached to it.

sorry if this is an inconvenience, but I think it will be more awesome to have everything in one place.

the future is near!


Friday, May 7, 2010


14'' X 14''
5 color silkscreen
Collab w/ Anna Tsantir.

Come to theee show this FRIDaay. lots of great stuff.
see info in previous post.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

FLOCKED!!!! FRIDAY MAY 14th-16th. Art -a -Whurrll

Here's a 2 color poster I did for an upcoming art show I'm in.
it's called Flocked: a wallpaper project. the show consists of about 30 different artists who have created either an image in multiple (i.e. print) or some kind of series of 5 images. each "cell" will be placed at random on one wall of my friend Anna Tsantir and Nick's studio. Creating this huge checkerboard of all different small pieces. Should be fun.

the Poster was an attempt to illustrate that Covered feeling. I collaborated with my good friend Jessica Seamans of Landland. She drew the feet, I drew the dogs and did the layout and printing. I think it is pretty great for a quick, 2 color smackdown.
16'' X 16'' on super fancy crane offwhite thick stock.

more details about the show:
A wall paper project

Art-A-Whirl Weekend!

Location: Casket Arts Carriage House, 1720 Madison St NE #203, Minneapolis
Hours: Fri 8-11pm, Sat noon-6pm, Sun noon-5pm

Opening Party 8-11pm Friday May 14th

This is not your grandmother’s wallpaper. Studio mates Nick Howard, Anna Tsantir and Vincent Murray invited 30 local artists to create prints, drawings and multimedia two dimensional works that will be combined to cover a 22’x10’ studio wall floor to ceiling. Each artist created at least five works no larger than 10”x15” that together will loosely mimic the repetition of a wallpaper pattern. So "flock" over to the Carriage House this art a whirl weekend, and see what they've come up with.

David Peterson
Terrence Payne
Dan Ibarra
John Diebel
Drew Peterson
Ruben Nusz
Crystal Quinn
Jessica Seamans
Ruben Nusz
Tara Costello
Alex Kuno
Josh Norton
Mayme Donsker
Dan Luedtke
Nick Howard
Anna Tsantir
Lee Delegard
Joel Starkey
Miles Mendenhall
Brian Aldrich
Cheryl Wilgren Clyne
Jacki Zitek
Toni Gallo
David Malcolm Scott
Joel Schwarz
Johanna Winters
Tim Carroll
Jaime Carrera
Betsy Byers
Gip Matthews
Lauren Schuppe
Vince Murray