Saturday, February 28, 2009


I am a lucky jerk. My house is amazing, and the best best part, I have a really humungous semi converted attic that houses my print studio. All for $300 a month! and I only share the apt. with 2 people. This is quite a steal, even for us podunk hicks in minneapolis. I took some photos recently of the space, and of a couple test prints to give you a feeeeel. It's messy. it's ghetto. but it's mine.

The main room. Here's my print table, and print rack. I brought the rack up to the attic myself, and I still don't understand how it fit up the tiny winding staircase and all put together all by myself.

This is my print storage system. haha. I REALLY need a flat file, or some storage system STAT. Currently, most prints are just piling up on tables, just covering in dust, and threatening to ruin themselves.

INK, Space heater (it's COLD), and terribly tiny cd player

Here is my exposure "unit". It currently consists of 2 halogen worklights (the red things on the floor) and the glass table that you see. I'm rebuilding a new one this week. I'm getting a bunch of fluorescent fixtures, and i'm going to wire them together in a box directly under the glass top, and put blacklight bulbs in them to get all my exposure times way down.
The exposure table also doubles as a really really bright tracing table. When I'm tired of using tracing paper, I fire it up to work on all my separations.

Here's the guest room / washout area. This is where bands crash when they are coming through town. Unfortunately i've had to wake up a few slumbering souls at 5am when I have to wash out my screen. It's LOUD!!

Here's a closeup of the washout. It's a double sink with the middle cut out. It has no faucet, but it drains to a nearby smaller utility sink with a faucet and hose attachment. My pops helped me do the plumbing. Say hello to my friend P. We're going to backlight this sucker next week as well. FUNN

Test prints!!!

Come to the studio sometime

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Here's a simple teeshirt I made for the Israeli band TV Buddhas.



Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I met this rad guy in Montreal, when my band played there last June. His name is Pierre Richardson and he has a really TITE art blog called OF UNCOOL. He just did an interview with me about poster art and junk.



I'm on a break from printing this lady.

It's a last last minute flyer for my band Gay Beast's show with thee unreal These Are Powers. We finally finally get to play with them. I did a Neptune/ These are Powers poster a while back.
This time around I was a little less hard on myself when drawing the separations. I didn't have an anxiety attack about everything, like I normally do. P helped me out with some trickwickery and layout suggestions. I'm slowly overcoming my fear of photoshop.

Bands: These Are Powers, Gay Beast, Bird Names (chicago, and awesome tooo), Mute Era (OMG!). Sunday March 1st, Triple Rock Social Club.

18'' X 24'' 4 color screenprint.

So so so so much in the works right now and a bunch of stuff I haven't gotten around to post. On deck, Slapping Purses CD case. the rest of my band's album art, ariel pink poster, paper mice album art, and some other other junk. WISH ME LUCK!

Friday, February 13, 2009


This is pretty late, but if any of you are in Brooklyn tonight. My pals in the band THESE ARE POWERS organized an art show that I have two peices in. The show is called "All aboard Future". All the work addresses some sort of acceptance, and participation in concepts of the future. Get on board. the future awaits.

THESE ARE POWERS will perform at the opening, and i'm sure it will be a blast.\

at SECRET PROJECT ROBOT. 210 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 1121

not sure how long the show will be up.


Monday, February 9, 2009


I've just been crazy busyyyyyyyyyy with everything all at once.
The Opening for the gallery show following my printmaking residency was last Friday Feb. 6th. It was super fun and tons of folks came out. The show is up at Highpoint Center for Printmaking until the 28th, so check it out.
gallery hours are:

Mon -Fri 10-5
Sat 12-4

The banana wallpaper was a huge hit. I don't have pixxx yet, but you can see it in this video.
I, along with the other residents were interviewed by this local art video blogger who has a show called "3 Minute Egg".


Just finished our LP cover. will post images when the whole layout is nailed down.

Here's a pic of one of the art prints that were in the show! It was co-designed with Aaron Anderson of Hardland Heartland. You should check out all their stuff, and go to their new show at Art of This gallery in minneapolis if you can.

the photo is a little blurrry...but whatever, go see it in person!.