Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I'm on a break from printing this lady.

It's a last last minute flyer for my band Gay Beast's show with thee unreal These Are Powers. We finally finally get to play with them. I did a Neptune/ These are Powers poster a while back.
This time around I was a little less hard on myself when drawing the separations. I didn't have an anxiety attack about everything, like I normally do. P helped me out with some trickwickery and layout suggestions. I'm slowly overcoming my fear of photoshop.

Bands: These Are Powers, Gay Beast, Bird Names (chicago, and awesome tooo), Mute Era (OMG!). Sunday March 1st, Triple Rock Social Club.

18'' X 24'' 4 color screenprint.

So so so so much in the works right now and a bunch of stuff I haven't gotten around to post. On deck, Slapping Purses CD case. the rest of my band's album art, ariel pink poster, paper mice album art, and some other other junk. WISH ME LUCK!

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