Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Paper Trains!

Just sent off a batch of these record covers for the really really rad chicago band Paper Mice. I'm super glad they asked me, because the record was a good challenge for me. Dave writes the best, and most hilarious lyrics, so even though doing the typesetting for 16 songs was a chore, I could always find entertainment in the words.

All the songs are about really ubsurd, real life stories that he read in the news. Their band name is referring to different comic book mouse characters. I didn't want to go to literal with either their band name, or the title of the record, so I went with something childish and nostalgic (trains) and tried to collage together drawings and photocopies, for a "papery" aesthetic.

Type for inserts and back cover was typed with a typewriter, and then I went in and removed some of the serifs on all the characters. which also, took forever.


Back Cover:

4 color silkscreen
CD Face (included w/ LP):



looks straightforward, but it took forever to get all that type to work right.
LP side a:

LP side b:


swellvegan said...

That looks really good, Dan. Love the teeth!

Doctor Pizzoli said...

looks great i'll buy one

Skippy said...

that looks spectacular... as always

chloe lum said...

this is so awesome!

Mike Zimmerman said...

had a looksy at their show in brooklyn the other night. looks so amazing! nicely done!!!

dnml said...

awesome! How was the show?

Mike Zimmerman said...

it was one of my favorite shows i've seen lately. i was totally blown away. they had a good crowd too.