Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gang Gang. a computer facsimile

A very controvertial friend helped me scan my drawings in and do this layout for the upcoming Gang Gang Dance / Marnie Stern show. I am pretty happy with it. CRAZY BANANA PEOPLE.!!!! I had those banana drawing sitting around and I thought that their tropical sound really could benefit from a bit of banana action.
I haven't printed it, but it's going to be a 4 color silkscreen. it's something like 18''X23'' or something. and then there's going to be a text out art print that will be bigger.. I think that one is 21'' X 30''. Can't wait to print it! starting tomorrow.
will show you the finished product.

Lots going on right now. 2 t-shirts in the works for the bands Child Abuse, and Dek Boo. T-shirt design for an Israeli promoter, and posters and art prints. I think I'm going to die I'm so busy.

and OH! It's MY BIRTHDAY TODAY! Happy 29 to me!