Thursday, October 16, 2008


I hate slumps. I'm glad i'm outtttta mine.
Finally fucking printed up these wire posters.

It's a really bad photo...but it's a 5 color silkscreen. 12'' X 30''
some are very subtle (visible in real life) but all but one of the colors are split fountains. A Split fountain is when you print more than one color ink on the same screen. Hard to explain. See how much better I am at printing than working on a computer. This needs to change.

This other thing is from a couple weeks back. I did a U.S. Girls Tour poster. Megan Remy is behind U.S. girls. it's a tape looping, effect drenched wasted soundtrack. It is great! so I was really happy she asked me to do a poster for her. I was REALLY nervous that she would hate it because she has specific tastes and she gave me really specific directions. I modified and blew up a picture of a 60's girl group The Hearts, and printed all this weirdness on top.
She liked them! which is great. but Megan Remy...please pay me!

4 color silkscreen 17.5'' X 21''


U.S. said...

i paid you!!!! and you will soon get a bonus package in the mail!

dnml said...

thanks megan! and if I got ONE siltbreeze job out of this deal,then the world would be a good place. THXXXXX.

Lisa Czech said...

For that white square pattern on the right, did you print with whtie ink, or use the white of the paper? It really pops!

dnml said...

lisa! the paper I used is white. It took me forever to draw all those squares/bricks.