Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Here are a couple installation shots from the print show that I was recently in. It shows the banana wallpaper that I made for the show. I printed about 1000 2 color wallpaper panels on yellow paper. I plastered the wall, and then had a stack of free prints at the base of the wall. Unfortunately I don't have a pic of an individual panel, but they are 18'' X 18'' squares of interlocking grid bananas. I actually put artificial banana scent in the ink, however, the smell has diminished so much that you can barely barely tell it's there. It really sucks, cuz I was VERY sick to my stomach from the banana smell while I was printing them. Anyone know of good scent additives to put in screenprint ink or paint?? If you order a poster from me, I'll mail you a couple panels in addition to yr purchase. HINT HINT.

note to self. DO MORE WALLPAPER



Doctor Pizzoli said...

this looks so so so so so so so good

presentation man, EVERYTHING

Lisa Czech said...

OMG that wallpaper is super