Thursday, March 26, 2009


Yes. I've been anxiously working on this album art for a while now. Glad it's done. Here is the panels from my band Gay Beast's album "Second Wave". It's coming out on Skin Graft records on May 25th. It's gunna be a jewel case CD. and then a super duper deluxxxe 4 color silkscreened gatefold cover, with a silkscreened 4 color process insert. I think that my arms are going to fall off, but it will be worth it. Colors will be tttweaked for LP version. Couldn't have done the computrixx w/out my pal paul.

o.k. here we go.

cryptic cover art. they are masonry symbols from some way back when.

Inside the gatefold. My friend A.K. helped me take photos of my other friend Joann. Then I took the photos and drew these weird jelly suits. Are they dancing? or fighting? The one on the right has a paper plate mask on.

Insert. photo from Ms. magazine.

back of CD tray card. that text took 4 EVER to get right. ugh.

CD face. and LP center labels. (LP labels sllllightly different w/text)

The album is called "Second Wave" and a lot of the songs have lyrics about 2nd wave feminist ideas of utopia. I was really interested in trying to convey something that was about communication, and idealism.

o.k. to bed, to bed. drawing on peoples faces tomorrow.



Hollingsworth J. McTubbins said...

next level my friend.
hope the funk is done.

WKS said...


Lisa Czech said...

oh my gawd

a n n a said...

real noice! can't wait to hear itss. also the mason symbols remind me of the last mimzy because it is all about the mandalas of the universe!

Nerdlinger said...

This looks really amazing, I want to hold one in my hands. -anonymous fan