Sunday, November 22, 2009


Just finished this collab with my friend Anna Tsantir. She is amazing and makes very mysterious polymer plate prints. We're having a VERY informal art show in her studio. I'm going to be making some larger pieces and she's doing some wall collages and paintings. It should be really funnnnn! We just slammed this poster out a minute ago and I think I like it.
I've been OBCESSED with parade imagery for the last while and I see it being a theme of future work.
4 colors 13'' X 19''
the show is called "BIG WEST". it's a one night only affair on Sat. Dec. 12th from 8-1am in the Carriage house behind the Casket Arts Building in Northeast Mpls. 1720 Madison St. NE
Maria (frankie teardrop) will be spinning records (no wave's her speciality)


kylazoe said...

Hey Daniel Luedtke,

My name is Kyla Luedtke, and I am also a printmaker. Small world. It's actually just my married name, so, no genetic link there. Anywho... I came across your art because I was looking at the AS220 website (I went to RISD ('02)and a friend in Providence suggested I apply for a residency). I just wanted to say I really like your work. Oh! And I know Andrew who is featured on your blog. We were at RISD together. Small world. In a nutshell, great work, keep it up.


grace said...

Nice! there's have picture inside,try to use some 4 color printing, it makes better.

Aa said...

whoa. awesome robot post.
see you on saturday.