Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Posters...Prints PAST!!!! ahh the memories.

since I just started this blog...but i've been making stuff for a little while now...I thought i'd just post some images of projects past....and tell you interperves what is still available.
Here we go. From Most recent, to least recent.
*** means that I have a few copies left
XXX means that it's out of print!

Paper Mice Flyer. 4 color silkscreen.This show was really really fun.***

3 color silkscreen Palmfest poster. Everyone at palmfest hated this one. I made it (from drawing to printing) in an all night 8 hour art-orgy.***

It's a bad photo..but here's a tape case that i made for the rad label DNT. (they put out my bands lp). It's for a compilation called MAsh Mansum. Bands included are: Hunting Lodge, Twin Crystals, Shearing Pinx and gay beast. We only have a few copies, and the run was limited to 100 so gettum while you can. ***

Here's a poster for gaybeast's last show with Shearing Pinx. ROUND!
I guess it appeared on an episode of Diners Dives and Drive-ins. WEEEIRD.
I think I have one of these left. ...maybe two.***

Poster for Old Time Relijun, Slapping Purses...etc. Was happy that Big V's hired me to do this one.....but for some reason they haven't asked since. 6 color screenprint. XXX xold outx

T-shirt for my band gay beast...for our last tour. Was reeeeal happy with that lettering. kind of goth, kind of metal, kind of tech. It's like everything that i kind of hate, but secretly love. two color screenprint. Most of these have sold. only have ones in yellow and black I believe. GETTUM. ***

Heavy Focus, 420 Noise Festival poster. This was a fun one. the design came easy, and I was really happy with how it printed up. 3 color silkscreen. XXX

This, on the other hand was a total nightmare to print. and the design was pretty anal and annoying. You can't really see it, but there's all these teeny tiny circles, dashes and triangles on all those big circle shapes in the backround. Plus, I was experimenting with using oiled paper on my weeeeak assed exposure unit. HARD! plus that 4th layer was a full-bleeding mess. 5 colors...only like 2 left.

Slapping purses tape case. 2 colors. XXX. slapping purses is AMAZING (and I came up with the name). This tape sold out. I'm excited to do his upcoming 12'' cover design! let's cross our fingers and pray that nothing stops that from happening.

5 color Art print that I made for the Radar Eyes print show. This show is the best fucking thing that happened to me. I was totally flooored that Seripop asked me to be in it, and I can't believe that my dumb-ass art got to be on the same walls as nearly ALL of my printmaking idols. Talk about dream come true. all the heavy's Comeau, Zeloot, Maku, Pizzoli, Deforge, Bongout, Seripop...and all these other people that I didn't know about before. E-mazing. Go see the show in Houston at the ARt car museum. should be opening w/in a week or two. I'm trying to get it to come to Minneapolis. XXX Xold out at the moment. I have some that just need the last layer.

4 color art print. also for Radar Eyes. ahhhhh. Still like this one. Sometimes I don't understand the way that I think.*** I think I have 3 or 4 of these left. and they are BIG! Need to do more art prints. They are funnn, but it's hard to fit them inbetween poster gigs.

3 color silkscreened 7'' Sleeve. Split with the awesome olympia band TWIN. This was the first thing that I printed in my home studio. I believe that this is the second run of the sleeves. I remember totally crying over the first one, and printing was SO hard, because I didn't have a pressure washer yet, and I didn't have an air conditioner in my 3rd floor attic studio. so it was a VERY sweaty, shirtless, drippy time. We have like 20 of these left.

Neptune tour poster (the first one). 4 color silkscreen. this was, in my opinion, my first really good poster. I was very anal about it, but i felt like it really worked in the end. It was nice to see it hanging in a few places that we played while one tour.***

ooops. a little out of order. This was the second thing I printed in my home studio. 4 color silksscreen on orange paper. Am happy with this one, but at the time, it was very hard to work with brightly colored paper. I had a hard time controlling the colors. XXX

and there are a few prior, but they are embarrassing and ugly.
o.k. now moving on. I have TOO MANY projects to count. So I should just shut up and get back to work.


Dr. Pizzoli said...


I want these posters before they are gone...

what do i have to do????

AA said...

It is nice too see all these in one shot.

gowshika said...

What an exciting experience!/Hilarious! Delightful! True!/wonderful stuff! thank you!

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