Monday, September 21, 2009


I didn't set out to do this AT ALL, but I ended up making this design, and it really reminds me of 70's religious art. I like it, and it feels different from some of my stuff, but it's also kind of weird. I was trying to depict a deathbed. What do you think?

4 color silkscreen 22'' X 26''. Printing tomorrow.
I have to say that having my own screen setup is very luxurious. I love the communal aspect of working in the shop, but some of the chaos and unpredictability of not knowing when/how/how long..etc. you will be able to work, can be stressfull. but don't get me wrong.. this residency has given me a ton of ideas, and sort of planted the seed for wanting to start a community print shop in minneapolis. I think it really has to be done. There is fancy schmancy Hipoint center for printmaking, and then all the letterpress stuff at the Open book, but I feel like both places don't really engage with the community like the printshop here. ohhhh dreams. anyway. back to draw.


Monstertoke said...


Juan said...

wow! I want this.

Becky Lang said...

that's amazing. i don't know anything about 70s religious art, but if it looks like that it's probably cool. you should start a printshop. the hipoint is very intimidating.