Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Not Here. Not There. YET!

I recently sent over a package of posters to Insound for their online store. They wrote about me in their blog. And they are sending me a check for some posters. I like them. and when I can afford it, I buy records from them.

It is 3am. I'm sitting in the Logan international airport in Boston waiting for Airtran to open their gates so I can check in my luggage and GET HOME! I had such a magical time in Providence. I made art, met lots of amazing people, hung out with old friends, had visitors. It was so amazing to see all the inner workings of AS220. It's a very very interesting model for an arts org. Check out their website and marvel at my friend Arley's amazing typographic skills that grace pretty much every form of correspondence for the place.
The last 24 hours have been crazy. I printed a 4 color print, slept 2 hours, prepped for my artist talk, gave the presentation, drank a whiskey, said goodbye to my new friends, packed up my temporary room and my prints and got to the train station to catch the last train to boston.

I'm heading home at this ungodly hour BECAUSE i'm going to be in this poster art show at the venerable Walker Art Center. It's going to be a very casual affair. Poster tables set up in one of the lobbies where local posternerds will be lurking around tables selling their work. It's in conjunction with the walker's screening of Died Young Stayed Pretty. Which is a documentary that makes poster people look like freaks and social outcasts. (are we?)

And lastly, since I have nothing better to do right now, I'll give you a couple process shots from the first art print I did in Providence.

1st and second layers. (orange and transparant red)

Third layer (transparant blue)
there's the screen.

that's what happened. (splooge)

Fourth (Huge transparant split fountain flood layer. In providence they call them Rainbow rolls_

oh look! my new friend Andrew came to visit

Fifth (Black)

Sixth (Transparant Grey) here's the money layer

Seven (little white blobby)


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